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Big Tex TrailersBig Tex Trailers – Opening its doors in 1982, Big Tex Trailers continues to be known as America's number one professional grade trailer company. Our Northeast Texas Company offers unrivaled services and engineering services that go unmatched by any other company in the industry. Not only do we have eight manufacturing facilities and distribution centers across the nation, but we also provide the Best Trailers for the Best Price and our headquarters has the industry's largest on-hand inventory.

Over the years, Big Tex has been known for their heavy-duty, high-quality trailers. With a full inventory of ATVs, open auto haulers, dump bed, flatbed, gooseneck, single axle trailers and more, our products have sustained the test of time and achieved unparalleled results in the market.

With faster lead times on orders and deliveries, Big Tex Trailers has the most diverse product line in the business. With our innovative trailer design, the best dealerships from coast to coast, and top-notch service and parts centers, we can help you accomplish all your hauling goals.

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Horton HaulerHorton Hauler – With more than 30 years in manufacturing and a proven reputation for exceptional quality, Horton Haulers guarantees your satisfaction. We know that you've heard all the time that a company will "guarantee your satisfaction" without really putting their money where their mouth is. But Horton is so sure of it that we offer a 3-year limited warranty on all of our trailers, as well as the most knowledgeable trailer service experts in the business.

Our company takes great pride in our work, just like you do. The meticulous care and effort that makes your work great is the same care and effort that we put into building your Horton Hauler. With our generous standard features and numerous custom options, we can build a hauler that will fit your needs like a glove.

We want you to have the best quality and value for your money. Horton works hard every day to ensure your complete satisfaction. We are proud members of NATM and comply with the U.S. DOT's Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standards. Now teamed up with Midway Trailers, we are bringing that same level of safety and standards to the Tennessee area.

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Diamond CargoDiamond Cargo Trailers' – focuses on easy to use enclosed cargo trailers for all of your cargo transport needs. Whether it’s personal or business, we have a cargo trailer for you. Our company understands that when you’re hauling valuable cargo, the last thing you should have to think about is your trailer.

At Diamond Cargo Outlet, we have the reputation of doing things right, and that is why we stand out from the crowd. From high-tech business fleets to everyday work trailers and recreational models, we have the right cargo trailer for you. We offer a wide selection of lengths, payloads, and custom options, so you can find the right cargo trailer for the business at hand.

Designed to withstand the rigors of heavy use, your Diamond Cargo Trailer will hold its resale value and look great for years! Building extraordinary standard and specialized trailers, and offering them at incredible prices, we are constantly improving our products and making our customers happy.

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Eagle Manufacturing – is the Northwest's leading producer of high-quality open frame Utility, ATV, Car, Equipment, Deck-over, Flatbed, Tilt-bed, Dump and Custom trailers. Our company is distinct in fabricating a wide selection of models. As the manufacturer, we are motivated in producing the ideal trailer, according to one's specific needs.

At Eagle Trailer Manufacturing, we take great pride and value in the durable craftsmanship of our line. Thus, we use the finest materials and components that complement our high standard. Additionally, our company meets the necessary compliance of the National Association of Trailer Manufacturers (NATM) and National Trailer Dealers Association (NTDA). The following associations our company holds membership with are important programs that ensure each trailer we produce meets U.S. DOT's Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standards.

Eagle Trailer stands committed to fabricating the top of the line, quality trailers, made available at the most cost effective price for all recreational and commercial purposes. Now teamed up with Midway Trailers, we are bringing our quality and standards to Tennessee.

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CurtCURT – is the leading manufacturer and marketer of top quality towing products. Our company markets a wide range of trailer hitches, towing systems, and related accessories. Curt is 'The First Name in Towing Products' for automobile and truck hitches, as well as RV and commercial towing systems.

Products are marketed through retailers, distributors, installers, and e-tailers across the U.S. and Canada. Curt employs over 400 associates, primarily at its manufacturing headquarters in Eau Claire, Wisconsin. Curt also operates ten regional warehouses, each carrying over 2,500 items and has been twice named a Wisconsin 'Manufacturer of the Year.'

Now partnered up with Midway Trailers, Curt is bringing the finest towing equipment and accessories to the Tennessee area.

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